danielle small

(Copy/technical/creative) writer & strategist with a few awards under her belt. Fledgling designer, web developer, and maker. Founder of Canoo (creative collective) and The Hu$tle (job directory). Currently teaching herself the piano and lead guitar.

In the market for full-time, freelance, and consulting work. Let's build something great together.

The overarching theme here is that I like to tinker and learn anything and everything. So it makes sense that I'm happiest when engaging in high-level thinking while executing projects that are at the intersection of various concepts and skills.

A few of the companies I've worked with: Google, Lincoln Motor Company, The Floating Hospital, Superior Essex, Impact Health, etc.

A few publications that have published my work: Fast Company, Salon, Refinery29, VentureBeat, Crew, and Under30CEO.

Areas of interest: Brand development/refresh, brand experience, content strategy, UX/UI Design, (market) research, web design, art direction, mobile app copy and design strategy, and making complicated concepts accessible to the masses.

(Photo credit: Unsplash)