My Creative Philosophy

 If a brand wants to be successful, then it needs to have a message and a story to tell. (Trust me, they’re not the same thing.)

That story and message are packaged in different ways–

blog posts, webinars, white papers, social media posts, ebooks, guides, website copy, etc.  These are not just marketing materials and tools, they are opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with consumers. But there’s a difference between throwing words on a screen and crafting a narrative that entices and engages. 

That’s where I come in.

I use copy and strategy to empower brands.

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  • DramaFever

    “Danielle is a fast learner and a driven, focused employee — an invaluable asset to any team. She has adapted quickly to the unique demands of each project given to her and was always receptive to feedback. When tasked with proofreading a large volume of subtitles, she brought a detail-oriented eye to each assignment and was always timely, even when working under tight deadlines. Danielle is an intelligent and spirited individual whose focus, work ethic, and adaptability have deeply impressed me. She is a team player and a pleasure to work with.” – Jenny Kwon, Content Specialist at DramaFever

    Jenny Kwon
    Content Specialist, DramaFever

  • Fiestah

    “Danielle is a brilliant mind to have as part of your team. She’s mature beyond her years, organized, and extremely driven. Her creativity and ability to take on tasks with little to no guidance made working with her a breeze. She’s a charming and opinionated writer, that adds her depth of knowledge and humor cleverly throughout her work. I’ve been saying it since I’ve met her; Danielle is going to be famous one day.”

    Stefanos Missailidis
    Co-founder, Fiestah

  • Milkster

    “Danielle is an incredibly talented writer and great marketer in-the-making. She has helped us improve our social communication strategy and has worked relentlessly with the co-founders @Milkster to refine our editorial voice. Uber passionate, driven and upbeat she has worked incredibly well with everyone in the team – highly recommend Danielle.”

    Sal Matteis
    CEO, Milkster