Salesforce Essentials Website

As content strategist at Launch, I worked closely with our strategy director to define and execute the strategy for the new Salesforce Essentials website. The client asked us to create a new, simpler, and relatable look and feel for Salesforce—from copy to design—while increasing free trial sign-ups.

I conducted content audits, stakeholder interviews, and competitive, comparative, and industry analyses to help us define key audiences and their needs. This research informed the messaging strategy that was the driving force behind every UX, copy, and design decision. I also wrote the page-level copy, taking a thoughtful approach to connect with customers and speak to their pain points. I made sure the copy was inclusive to people who were new to CRMs (a key segment of our audience) by using clear and accessible language to explain complicated concepts and avoiding common business jargon.

We met weekly with the Salesforce team (including their content strategist) to ensure tight collaboration as we pursued our shared vision for the site. I presented our strategy and copy for each part of the site on an almost weekly basis, securing buy-in from various stakeholders. Throughout the project, we used data and testing to constantly advocate for the user so we could craft a better customer experience.

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