Lincoln Continental Campaign Launch

For the launch of the 2017 Lincoln Continental, I helped lead the art direction for the Instagram page that was created specifically for the launch.

I ensured that the photos worked seamlessly together within the platform’s grid format, unfolding an immersive narrative that helped potential customers imagine what it was like to drive the new Lincoln Continental.

I was an integral part of the launches of two automobiles – the MKZ and the Continental – during my time on the Lincoln Motor Company account at Hudson Rouge.

My role during the launches included:

  • Working with the product, PR, and the social team to put together a comprehensive response matrix, so that we had all the information we need on-hand when questions arose on social media. This allowed us to respond quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

  • Put together mockups of social post layouts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

  • Came up with unique, intimate, and on-brand ways to interact with the increased numbers of commentators that we receive with each launch.

  • Responded to the social comments according to the response matrix.

  • Decided what amount of press coverage we should promote on our own channels.

  • Found any negative press coverage so that we as a team can best decide what course of action to take.

  • Worked with our digital analyst to harness data that helps inform our next creative steps.