Writer & strategist. Published author. Fledgling designer, web developer, and maker. Founder of The Hu$tle (job directory). Currently teaching myself the piano and lead guitar.

A few companies I've worked with: InVision, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Google, JetBlue, Lincoln Motor Company, The Floating Hospital, Sage, Superior Essex, Joany, etc.

A few publications that have published my work: Fast Company, Nerdwallet, Salon, Refinery29, SoFi, VentureBeat, Crew, and Under30CEO.

My Creative Philosophy

Whether it's copy or content, language empowers people to connect with brands.

I develop strategy and craft messaging that help organizations reach new users, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue, customer retention, and relevance in a competitive landscape.

Great content makes it easy for the user to get to where they want to go and understand complex concepts. I'm happiest when I'm creating a seamless user experience. That's why I focus on cultivating a deep understanding of user needs and am passionate about clarity, consistency, usability, and an accessible flow.

I believe in a thoughtful and inclusive approach to content that constantly asks why are we creating this and whom is this created for and why. Building and/or fine-tuning a culture of content puts a big smile on my face, especially when it creates brand consistency and feeds collaboration.

Personas, buyer journeys, content audits, content modeling, and discovery sessions are some of my favorite content strategy tools. And Iā€™m all for measuring content performance effectively to help us improve every piece of content we make.




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